ikona autoIf arriving by car, you will use the Istrian highway, known as the Istrian Y. If you are coming from Slovenia (Ljubljana-Villach) and Italy (Trieste-Koper) you will pass through one of the three border crossings Plovanija, Kaštel-Dragonja or Požane-Sočerga and you can access the Istrian Y in Umag and continue to Pula. If you arrive from the east Croatian highways from Zagreb or Split (or Rijeka), passing through the tunnel Učka, you continue through the Istrian Y to Pula.

bus ikonaThe bus station in Pula is also very well connected with many national as well as international routes (Venice, Padua and Triest), but the trip can be combined with airports such as Venice or Triest.

vlak ikona Pula can be reached by regular rail line Ljubljana (SLO) - Divača (SLO) - Buzet (CRO) - Pula (CRO).

avion ikona Pula Airport is an international airport connected with some of the top European destinations. The airport is located 5 km from the town center and can be reached from the town centre by public transportation, buses, taxis and rent-a-car services.

brod ikona By boat it is possible to come to Pula through the border crossing Pula.